Surfing Santa Barbara – A Fun Vacation

Surfing Santa Cruz is considered to be one of America’s premier surfing locations. Located just east of the continental divide, Santa Cruz is among the most popular surfing destinations in California. Situated just 85 minutes from San Francisco, the gorgeous city of Santa Cruz offers some beautiful Pacific ocean facing surf for those who are into surfing. The number of surfing beaches in the area are many which make it more appealing as a surfing destination. If you want a surfing vacation, Santa Cruz will certainly be a great place to go.


The first thing to consider before jumping into surfing Santa Cruz is safety. There are two main areas where surfers can go surf. These are the Pacific Ocean Beach and the Lemon Creek Beach. Both of these surfing spots are located on the west side of the island. The surfs here are generally easy to handle because of the waves that are about three feet in height.


For beginners, it is important to go surf at these two surfing Santa cruises. Cowell beach is one of California’s best known surfing locations and is a great place for beginners. The waves here are relatively smaller but much steeper. There are also other local surf breaks at Point St George, closer to the town of Santa Cruz itself. Both of these local surf breaks offer great surf for those who want a little bit of a challenge.


Two other surfing Santa Cruz surf spots are located near the town of Ocean Beach. These spots include Surfers Paradise, which is located right next to Cowell beach. This is a great surfing spot for families as there are not a lot of other people on the beach. This makes it perfect for beginners or those who want a break from the more experienced swimmers.


There is also Santa Barbara’s own Boardman beach. The waves here are not as large as Cowell, but they are still good for beginners. Some Cowell locals have even considered naming it Cowell’s beach, but it has yet to be given this name. Another great thing about Surfers Paradise is that it is not very far away from Santa Barbara. For those who love to travel out of state, this makes it easier to get out to some of surfing Santa cruises and beaches in the area.


The surfing in Santa Barbara is certainly not for the novice, even though the waves are small. The trick to finding your sweet spot is to paddle out as far out as you can. As you become more advanced, you will find yourself paddling into the waves a little deeper. These are great places for beginner surf breaks.


Of course, there are many other things to do in and around Santa Barbara for those who love to spend their day surfing in Santa Cruz. You will find all kinds of great local surf spots in and around Cowell. Some of the local surf breaks include:


No matter where you decide to go surfing in Santa Cruz, you will definitely have an enjoyable experience. Cowell swells are large but not huge enough to harm beginners. It is always important to paddle out as far out as possible when paddling into the waves. Beginners should always paddle out until they can see the local surf spots, and they should always paddle out at the same time every day.


In between surfing big waves in Cowell, you will want to check out some of the local attractions. There are many golf courses in and around Santa Barbara. These can be very exciting for those who like to play golf. You will also find waterfalls, and other unique natural features that are located around the area. If you have a boat or sailboat, these can be very fun as well.


You may even want to take advantage of the large local resorts in and around Santa Barbara. Cowell is home to three world class resorts. These resorts are the Surf and Sand Hotel, Surf North Lagoon, and Surf and Tidy Laguna. These resorts offer private beaches, wave riders, and other amenities. For those who enjoy private beach activities, Santa Barbara is perfect, with four public beaches and several natural areas that are perfect for private beach activities.


With surfing in your head, you will want to make sure that you visit one of these locations again. There is a lot to do in Cowell and there are plenty of surfing opportunities. It is also home to several top surfing locations, including the famous wave near Point St. George. If you are looking for a great place to go surfing next time out, this is it. Your next surfing experience will be unforgettable!