Running Training Tips – What Running Equipment Will You Need?

When you start running training, there’s no need to invest much in kit and accessories. All you actually need is a decent set of jogging shoes and (an advanced woman) the right sports bra. It would be a huge mistake to consider that you can get by without either of these.

Running Shoes

What shoes to buy? There is no such thing as being a better ‘make’ or ‘model’ of shoes. A good set of two running trainers is one that meets your specific running style; as well as a bad pair is but one that does not.

Your body generally includes some complicated machinery as standard – muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, bones – which allow you to walk and run. Your ability to operate efficiently and injury-free depends simply on the alignment and operation of the moving parts.

Your individual biomechanics are partly determined by your genes, and also through your lifestyle, past injuries, treatment and exercises. Running shoes vary in accordance with the way and extent to which they accommodate different biomechanics, plus your selection of running trainers usually depends on your individual biomechanical profile.

Paradoxically, the best runners often don’t really need to spend much money on jogging shoes. Because they normally have the nice luck to have good biomechanics, their running style doesn’t need them to get shoes that correct the best way their feet roll after they hit the soil, or cushion them from the stress on their joints for their feet repeatedly hit the ground. The rest of us mere mortals, however, need shoes which will correct our deficiencies and weaknesses, and improve our running action to ensure every footstep doesn’t place an intolerable pressure on our feet, legs and pelvis.