5 Exercises To Tone Your Thighs in 7 Days

Let’s face it, some women have issues in the thigh region! They either need to slim their thighs or tone them. Some even want to do both. Why is there such an issue in this field for women?

From an anatomical standpoint, women will be more susceptible to added weight inside the lower extremities as a result of having wider hips for childbirth but this won’t mean it has to be this way. Also, genetically women have less muscular mass than their male counterpart so right away there is a disadvantage.

Given the disadvantages, are there any toning and slimming exercises for thighs? You bet you’ll find! Here are just several to assist:

Lunges – This can be done with or without dumbbells. Place dumbbells in hand with a hammer grip and operate straight. If you can find no dumbbells, place hands at sides and stand up straight. Take a generous leap forward and bend on the knee prior to the thigh is parallel down. The rear leg is bent in the knee and balanced at the toes. The rear knee doesn’t touch the ground in this exercise. Be careful to maintain your knee behind the toe from the leg that steps forward.

Plie’ Squat – Stand up with legs shoulder width apart. Point the toes within an outward direction. Begin to squat down as though being placed in a chair. Make sure the head and chest are up. Sit the butt back until knees are parallel to the floor. This works the inner thigh region.

Bruce Lee Kicks – Find a chair and stand to the left from it. With your feet apart, place your hands on the backrest with the chair. Shift weight on top of the right leg, bend in the waist and pull left knee up to chest. Extend the left leg and proceed the heel. Switch legs as a way to work each side.

Close Leg Squats – Place feet close together and parallel as though on skis. This will require balance. If the balance just isn’t good, place hand on wall. Squat down as if an average squat and to be able to ascend squeeze the butt and inner thighs. This is a great exercise to the inner thighs and the butt! Remember to maintain your back straight as well as the chest up and eyes forward.

Wall Squats – Place the rear against wall. Sit down into squat position. Hold for thirty seconds and gradually increase with time.

These are just a few exercises for thighs. There tend to be more but these would be the basic and most effective ways to slim and tone thighs in a short time span.