HIIT Workouts With Weight – Three Secrets to Getting Ripped Fast!

HIIT workouts with weight have become quite common nowadays. For those who haven’t heard of them, HIIT workouts are high intensity training methods. The intensity is increased by varying the amount of time you exercise and the duration of your exercise session. The increased pace and the length of the exercises can be a challenge to many athletes who want to lose weight in a short period of time. One way to cope up with this is to look for HIIT workouts that incorporate exercises that target different parts of your body.


One example of such workouts is rowing. Rowing is a great cardiovascular exercise due to the increased rate of heart beat, the vascular nature of the muscles used while rowing and the stress it places on the upper body. As such, it helps burn up a lot of calories even when you’re just sitting and watching TV. Cardiovascular workouts are extremely important if you want to lose weight in a short period of time. Rowing can be one of the best workouts that you can do with weights. But how can you make the most out of your workout?


There are a few key tips to follow when you’re rowing the boat in HIIT workouts. For starters, try to plan your workouts around either lower or upper body exercises. Doing workouts that focus on only one area is a sure fire way to make sure that you don’t get enough out of each session. So make sure you give each muscle group a decent workout.


When planning your workouts, also consider your fitness level. If you are new to HIIT or haven’t done any high intensity workouts before, then start off with low intensity workouts like cycling, swimming or walking. These lower intensity workouts burn more fat than the higher intensity ones and will help you increase your endurance. For those who are quite experienced with their fitness levels, they can go ahead and do cycles one and two. For example, you can do a cycle one consisting of fifteen minutes at a low intensity followed by another fifteen minutes of medium intensity.


Also, if you want to lose upper body fat, then you need to do high intensity workouts. Low intensity ones won’t have as much of an impact on your target areas. High intensity ones, however, force your muscles to work harder and consequently force them to burn more calories. So when you start working out, make sure you keep your eyes on the goals you’ve set for yourself and work hard towards accomplishing those goals.


Next, make sure to use weight training equipment. A multi gym with various equipment that all work on different muscles is the best option for you. Make sure the equipment you use, focuses primarily on the areas that you want to improve. So, if you’re into growing your biceps, you can include weight lifting with squats into your workouts.


Lastly, in your HIIT workouts, make sure you do them all with sufficient rest in between. Too many beginners fail to do this and find themselves failing because they do not give their body enough time to recover. Make sure to schedule in at least thirty to sixty minutes between workout sessions. This is how you give your body enough time to recover and still be able to train the way you want to. Remember, the reason you are doing HIIT workouts is to get rid of extra fat and put on muscle, so you must schedule your weight training sessions so that they allow you to do this.


Now that you know these three simple tips to HIIT workouts with weights, you can easily see why they are the best way to get lean and ripped. In addition to weight training equipment, you should also take the time to drink water. Drinking tons of water during and after your workouts will help flush out the toxins in your body which will speed up your metabolic rate. If you follow these tips regularly and add a daily water filter to your home, you will find that you will not only enjoy a leaner, fuller, more toned body but also lower your risk of serious injury and health complications.