Fitness Tip: It’s Time To Give Up

Getting in shape, getting fit, or just getting healthy is not only a fad or perhaps a thing, this is an actual lifestyle. When you see those who look good, or eat healthy, as well as said something such as “wow, look at see your face, I wish I could be a little more prefer that.”

Most everyone has probably said something like that in the past, right? We wish we might look like that, you want we will be that healthy, however they something in us, usually subconsciously, prevents us from doing the work. Then, we go and pick up drive through, or lay around the couch couch and merely go on doing what we’ve always done.

The point is, we ALL have what must be done to be healthy. Now, and I’ll present you with this, organic beef not every hold the genetic makeup to become that James Bond guy taken from water in their swim trunks, or that new Magazine cover girl, but we certainly might be healthier than we are, right? We can do things that make our heart stronger, we could do stuff that help us slim down, we can do items to make us stronger… nevertheless the question for you is, do you want to take action?

“But Andrew, you don’t understand, I’m just not built that way, I’ve tried being healthy however it just fails to me.”

Huh? Doesn’t work to suit your needs? I’ve heard this before and I just avoid getting it. What does not work? Being healthy? Really? REALLY?

Most people in this world, and I don’t care what pores and skin, what religion, what nationality, what beliefs, whatever… have a CHOICE being healthy or unhealthy.

I’ll admit, these days, it’s easier to be unhealthy rather than healthy. It’s easier to become unfit than fit. And NO, it DOES NOT boil into being lazy or otherwise. I know a LOT of people that when describing them, the term lazy doesn’t belong in that description, are merely, plain and simply, unhealthy.

Here is my philosophy and breakdown of healthy. I know I’ll get emails saying how I’m not right with this, however it’s my method of investigating it, OK? If it makes sense, great. If not, I’m sure you’ll understand what I mean.

Be fit is more with the physical side, being healthy is a bit more of the nutrition aspect. Of course, ideally you would require a blend of both, that is for any later topic.

That being said, it may be time in your case to quit. If you want to get healthy, you may need to just throw in the towel. You may need to quit that fast food. You may need to give up the sodas. You may need to give up the late night soft ice cream.

If you want to become fit, you might need to throw in the towel the couch surfing TV watching. You may need to quit the escalator. You may need to give up that close parking spot at the store.

“But Andrew, like I said, I tried that stuff plus it just fails personally. It’s difficult to me to do those things in my situation.”

I’ll say this in my best teenager imitation… DUH!

Of course in case you just test it it won’t work. What I’m referring to is a life style change. Remember in the beginning when I mentioned something about wishing we’re able to be that way person? Guess what, the face just didn’t “try” some thing, they lost the battle something to be remembered as THAT PERSON! Get it?

So, and I know this will likely sound strange when reading this, however , think of what I’m saying here, when you really would like something, you must stop trying something else to be. Is this too deep for fitness talk? Not in my book!