Canoeing And Kayaking Clothing Guide – What To Wear When Kayaking And Canoeing

When going for a canoe trip inside the United States and Canada over multiple days, it is important to be properly outfitted on your trip. The types of clothing and sleeping gear can produce a arena of difference with your comfort. Your goal must be to make necessary gear along with the proper amount. In the following, I will discuss the sort of clothing, footwear, and gear you will need for any successful trip.

A portage is a fancy term for carrying your canoe and gear in one body of water to the next in order to continue your journey. They can vary from a number of feet to a mile or better. Portages usually takes you through unstable, often muddy and slippery terrain. The foot ware you choose should have good ankle support, good tread and be self draining.

Your clothing must be crafted from some form of quick dry material. I would recommend long sleeve shirts to guard you from the sun’s rays. For pants, I recommend the zip off type that are also made from quick dry material. You can usually purchase these at sporting good stores.

On my trips, which has been as much as ten days long, I take two pair of pants and two shirts. One set of clothing you wear in daytime while canoeing as well as the other must be worn as soon as you come off of the water. I know a few of you are thinking two shirts as well as pants for a multi-day trip. Any more than that includes weight and uses up valuable space.

For underwear, I use the compression type without seams. Sitting on your rear for hours on end on the seam could make life very miserable. So chose this item carefully. Again, I limit this information of clothing to two pair, one for throughout the day as well as the other for night.

Socks are another critical piece of clothing that you will need. Your socks may be wool or some kind of neoprene. I use a neoprene sock during the day and wear a set of wool socks at night. Whatever you do, make sure you put dry socks on when you come off with the water at the end from the day to avoid trench foot.

Finally, you will need something to maintain your dry clothes and sleeping bag dry. The best thing I have found is a water-proof compression sack. You can keep your sleeping bag and dry clothes on this one sack. By taking exactly the gear and clothing that you need, you are going to have a enjoying trip.